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Flow switch for WWTP upgrade
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Do you need to upgrade ventilation for your primary clarifiers? WWTPs (Wastewater Treatment Plants) keep water safe and protect our environment. For control of the toxic and corrosive gases released during wastewater treatment, as well as reliable equipment operation, effective ventilation is needed. Engineers specify the S-Series (S300/S400/S500) probe-style flow switch to monitor ventilation airflow, […]

Degree Controls C Breeze Smoke-Machine-Kit
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Is it time to upgrade your cleanroom fogger? A °C Breeze portable smoke machine purchased before 2018 may be nearing the end of its projected life. To support your planning, Degree Controls experts will work with you as you determine how to move forward. The newest model of the °C Breeze fog generator is more […]

Bi-directional velocity sensors
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Bi-directional velocity sensors measure velocity, temperature, and airflow direction simultaneously The simultaneous measurement of air velocity and air direction is essential to environmental management and process control. Building air should move from clean to dirty zones, and then out, to provide for healthy indoor environments. To conserve energy, reduce cooling costs, and prevent electronics from […]

Air velocity switch S-Series in duct
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Radar arrays are used in aerospace and defense industries to search, detect, and track aircraft and missiles. A phased array radar consists of a grid of antenna elements, each with a phase shifter. Power from the transmitter is fed to the radiating elements through the phase shifters which are controlled by a computer system. As […]

S100 adjustable air velocity switch
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The S100 is a digital switch, used to detect proper airflow. With user-adjustable set point, the S100 responds to air velocity. It is a cost-effective way to detect a change in velocity or loss of airflow due to a closed damper, malfunctioning fan, clogged filter, or obstructed air inlet/outlet. The S100 adjustable air velocity switch […]

Airflow safety portfolio, biosafety cabinet
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Airflow Safety Portfolio Demonstration DegreeC is proud to support our colleagues in the Life Sciences industry by continuing to innovate airflow measurement and visualization for biosafety applications. We look forward to showcasing our biosafety portfolio for laboratory compliance (NSF/ANSI-49 & OSHA) at the 65th Annual Biosafety and Biosecurity Hybrid Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from October […]

HEPA filter testing airflow graphic
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HEPA Testing Helps Ensure the Safety of People, Processes, and Products The air filtration system is only as good as the filter. Qualification testing of HEPA filters is performed upon installation using fogger visualization products. Periodic in situ testing is then done to ensure that filters are in good operating condition and satisfy the required […]

HEPA filter, BAC net airflow monitor glove friendly touch panel display
September 19, 2022

BACnet Airflow Monitor

Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

BACnet Monitor200 Monitors Airflow Essential to Critical Containment The Rooster™ Monitor200 with BACnet® MS/TP communication is a full featured, highly flexible, airflow monitoring and alarming system for advanced users. The forward-looking airflow monitor is based on the proven functionality of Monitor100 and Sensor100 products, as well as valued customer feedback. As a BACnet 1 capable […]

F500 BACnet Airflow Sensor Probe
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

The Rooster™ Alarm monitors air velocity to ensure the required air changes per hour (ACH) are met in chemical storage and mixing areas. With the beginning of the summer season, many are making their way to swimming pools. Pool locations, pump rooms, and chemical storage areas should be well ventilated. The Rooster™ Alarm provides full […]

Airflow tools for HVAC TAB
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

The tools used for TAB (Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing) and commissioning work are as important as the professionals who perform the work1. Degree Controls offers some of the airflow instruments listed in the NEBB TAB Required Instrumentation list, used to record measurements for certified reports. In addition, Degree Controls offers airflow tools to help HVAC […]

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