Board Mount Sensors

Degree Controls board mount sensors

Our board mount air velocity and temperature sensors with digital output have been designed to measure and monitor airflow within dense electronic systems and enclosures.

These compact, board mount sensors are available in horizontal and vertical profiles and can be soldered or socket-mounted to your printed circuit board. Our sensors use high-performance, dual-sensing technology to measure air velocity and air temperature simultaneously. Supporting both UART and I2C communication protocols, the board mount sensor platform has a variety of choices for form factor, supply voltage, and velocity range.

Suitable for electronic designs where inlet air should be monitored or logged, where filter clog should be measured or maintained based on performance, or where protection of critical devices is required, the board mount air velocity sensors improve the reliability, remote monitoring capability, and fault-tolerance of electronic equipment.

F660/F662 vertical profile pcb-mount sensors are well suited for 2RU electronic systems, or those where component height is not heavily restricted.  The nominal supply input is 15VDC for the F660 and 5VDC for the F662 air velocity sensor.

F661/F663 horizontal profile pcb-mount sensors are designed for 1RU and blade server systems or those where component height is constrained.  The nominal supply input is 15VDC for the F661 and 5VDC for the F663 air velocity sensor.

Small form factor board mount sensors are used in air purifiers and air cleaning systems to verify fan operation, identify filter change intervals, and optimize UV dosing with real-time measurements.

For original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) looking to simplify the development of high-volume products and reduce their time to market, our RFS300 sensor with reference design circuitry will provide the smallest possible sensor footprint (6mm x 6mm).

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