Flow Switch Monitors WWTP Ventilation

November 30, 2023 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Do you need to upgrade ventilation for your primary clarifiers?

WWTPs (Wastewater Treatment Plants) keep water safe and protect our environment. For control of the toxic and corrosive gases released during wastewater treatment, as well as reliable equipment operation, effective ventilation is needed. Engineers specify the S-Series (S300/S400/S500) probe-style flow switch to monitor ventilation airflow, ensure that WWTP HVAC systems are operating as designed, and achieve compliance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard 820.

As part of a WWTP primary clarifier improvement project, new supply and exhaust fans were installed to ventilate the electrical room, and S500 air velocity and temperature switches were mounted in the supply and exhaust ducts to continuously monitor airflow in the equipment room. If air velocity drops below the user-specified trip point, the S500 switch signals an alarm condition.

S300/S400/S500 air velocity and temperature flow switches from Degree Controls are pre-configured at our manufacturing facility in NH to meet your specific application needs. With both relay and open drain outputs available, the S-Series offers choices for input voltage, mechanical probe length, and fitting style. The S500 airflow switch addresses the needs of HVAC and process control applications with operation in low temperature environments (down to -10°C) and 24 VAC/VDC universal input voltages.

When declassifying a space, add the S500 flow switch to monitor supply and return air systems, receive an alarm for ventilation failure conditions, and achieve compliance. Assure ventilation remains uninterrupted.

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