°C Point Anemometer

c point anemometer

Why Choose the °C Point Anemometer?

The handheld °C Point anemometer is the premier airflow sensing instrument on the market, with Bluetooth-enabled data acquisition, an LCD display for convenience, and a sleek, efficient design for easier access to airflow apertures. The °C Point measures air velocity and temperature simultaneously and is suitable for face velocity and downflow testing of laboratory hoods and other high performance applications.

No Calibration Downtime

°C Point sensor heads are field replaceable and can be easily changed out by you, at your location. Certifiers and EH&S professionals can register their recalibration online and receive a replacement °C Point sensor head in advance of returning the old one!
No more calibration downtime.

c point anemometer easy assembly

Specifications & Details

  • Communication Interface:  Bluetooth
  • Supported Software:  °C Point for Android and Apple
  • Laboratory-grade compliance:  3% Velocity Accuracy, 1% repeatability
  • Accuracy (the greater of):  ±0.015 m/s (3 fpm) or ±3% of reading
  • Standard Calibrated Flow Range:  0.15 – 20.0 m/s (30 – 4000 fpm)
  • Power:  Supplied by fast charging, lithium-ion battery. Up to 20 hours battery life. Rechargeable with USB-C Female. 
  • RoHS Certified

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