Airflow Tools & Instruments

airflow instruments and tools from degree controls

For decades, product designers, engineers, and certifiers have relied on the unmatched multi-point sensing and data acquisition capabilities of DegreeC’s instrumentation platform

Using compact, miniature sensors with a convenient USB output, researchers can measure, log, and analyze air velocity, temperature and humidity data with high repeatability confidence. To maximize the efficiency of data collection, DegreeC instruments and sensors are designed to work together in a unified ecosystem, powered by a proprietary data acquisition software. DegreeC’s platform of airflow tools and instruments also includes visualization products to complement the empirical data measured by airflow sensors.

Sensing Technology

UAS1000 series sensors are designed to allow fast and effective, single and multipoint air velocity experimentation. At the core of DegreeC’s platform of Airflow Tools & Instruments, UAS air velocity sensors feature high accuracy and choices for miniature sensor heads.  With convenient USB connectivity, UAS sensors allow for plug and play sensing.

All DegreeC sensors indicate velocities with reference to a set of standard conditions and automatically compensate for temperature.

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