Bi-Directional Velocity Sensors

April 27, 2023 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Bi-directional velocity sensors measure velocity, temperature, and airflow direction simultaneously

The simultaneous measurement of air velocity and air direction is essential to environmental management and process control. Building air should move from clean to dirty zones, and then out, to provide for healthy indoor environments. To conserve energy, reduce cooling costs, and prevent electronics from overheating, aisle containment strategies in datacenters rely on airflow direction. Further, in the production of fruits and vegetables, bi-directional airflow can shorten drying time resulting in higher volume turn outs.

The B-Series bi-directional, air velocity and temperature sensors from Degree Controls measure velocity, temperature, and airflow direction simultaneously and in real time. B-Series sensors are robust, built with a sealed, probe-style enclosure. Bi-directional velocity sensors are configured to order, offering users choices for probe length, velocity profile, and analog and digital signal outputs1. The B300 bi-directional sensors accept a 12VDC input, and the B500 sensors accept 24VAC/DC. Velocity profiles range from ± (1 m/s to 10 m/s) for our B-Series sensors.

Bi-directional velocity sensors

Air velocity and airflow direction matter. B-Series bi-directional air velocity sensors allow you to monitor air velocity and detect flow reversals which may be the result of a fan failure, damper in the wrong position, or an obstructed flow path. With early warning of atypical conditions, system adjustments can be made right away to avoid damage, discomfort, or potentially unsafe conditions.

1Bi-directional sensors can be configured with UART or I2C communication protocols. If an analog output is selected, it is proportional, or scalable, to sensor data. Enter the scaling, or output range of the sensor into the data acquisition system. It should automatically convert the sensor’s analog output to the parameter being measured.

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