Fume Hood Airflow Monitor

Do you need a fume hood safety monitor for full time tracking of air velocities within cabinet or exhaust systems?

Fume Hood Safety Monitor

Fume Hood Safety Monitor

Rooster™ airflow alarms and monitors from Degree Controls provide continuous air velocity measurements and alert user to potentially unsafe airflow levels.  Bringing airflow safety to fume hoods, biosafety cabinets (BSCs) and other critical containment devices, Rooster™ helps protect people, product, and processes.  Our Rooster™ fume hood airflow monitor meets ANSI/AIHA Z9.5 and NFPA 45 requirements for flow monitoring and alarming in new and modified fume hood installations and is a reliable way to achieve compliance to current OSHA standards.

Sidewall, probe, or inline sensor styles are available.  The Rooster™ fume hood airflow monitor with sidewall sensor is well suited for monitoring face velocity of negatively pressurized cabinets and chemical fume hoods.  The sidewall sensor acts as a flow-through velocity device, and draws in clean, ambient air rather than exhaust air to measure airflow.  The Rooster™ fume hood airflow monitor with probe style sensor installed in the exhaust duct provides continuous monitoring of exhaust air velocity. See sensor options below for more detail.

Key features of Rooster™ fume hood safety monitors include:

  • Visual, audible, and remote alarming to alert users to potentially unsafe conditions
  • Configurable alarm thresholds, volumes, and behaviors via glove-friendly, color, touch panel display
  • Full temperature compensation built-in for accuracy across wide range of operating temperatures
  • Quick and easy installation and operation

Equip your laboratories with Rooster™ fume hood airflow monitors to ensure fume hood airflow is adequate for capture, containment, and removal of airborne hazards.  See the Airflow Alarms & Monitors section of our website for a complete description of Rooster™ fume hood airflow alarms and fume hood airflow monitors. 

Sensor Options

The Sidewall sensor is designed to be mounted to the exterior surface of a cabinet, and can be used with the supplied ducting to create an airflow path from the front face to the inside face of a cabinet.

The Probe sensor is designed for use in exhaust flows of Class II A or B duct systems.

The Inline sensor is designed for retrofit of failed legacy products or those which are no longer accurate enough for new standards. The Inline sensor is generally mounted inside a cabinet plenum area which increases the tamper-resistance of the sensor element.

A Quickstart Guide and User Manual is available for all Rooster™ airflow alarms and monitors.

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