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airflow measurement for medical laboratories

Airflow alarms & controls for critical containment performance of products, rooms, and facilities

Degree Controls has helped customers fulfill safety and compliance requirements with innovative airflow sensing and control solutions to protect people, product, and processes for more than 25 years. Our airflow safety products are used by hospitals, health care facilities, laboratories, and pharmaceutical compounders for critical containment applications and to maintain the integrity of clean rooms and patient care areas.

The Rooster™ platform of alarms and monitors from Degree Controls is ideal for airflow or pressure sensing, monitoring and alarming within biosafety cabinets, chemical fume hoods, clean rooms, and industrial ventilation systems. Our embedded platform of sensors and switches is used to signal laboratory and building management systems when airflow falls below safe levels and includes sensing options for humidity and airflow direction, in addition to air velocity and temperature sensing capability. Degree Controls visualization products reveal flow patterns in controlled environments and are also used to monitor turbulence in ventilation systems, detect leaks, and test HEPA filters.

With our diverse product portfolio and dedicated support, Degree Controls customers are well positioned to meet the requirements of NSF/ANSI-49, OSHA, ANSI/ASHRAE/ASHE 170 and USP 797/800 standards, as well as FDA guidelines for 503a/503b compounding pharmacies. We are committed to the development of airflow-critical solutions to provide our clients with the products they need to bring their equipment and facilities into compliance.

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