Rooster Monitor100

rooster monitor100

Why Choose the Rooster™ Monitor100?

The Rooster Monitor100 is the next-generation airflow monitoring and alarm system for critical containment applications, including chemical fume hoods, biological safety cabinets, laminar flow hoods and other applications where airflow is required to be viewed, monitored, alarmed, logged and communicated to building and laboratory systems.

Specifications & Details


  • Glove-friendly, color touch panel display
  • Accepts side-flow sensor for negatively pressurized cabinets, insertion probe for exhaust ducts and inline retrofit design to replace legacy airflow alarm monitors
  • Instrumentation-class sensor, compatible with latest NSF requirements for repeatability and high accuracy calibration
  • Full temperature compensation built-in for accuracy across wide operating temperature range
  • Whole-screen background colorization conveys current state, augmented by flashing red LED while in alarm state
  • Volume and tone control
  • Wide velocity range for use in face-velocity or duct-velocity applications
  • Air temperature sensing included and displayed on-screen
  • Dual password protection allows users to personalize their operational experience, but not override safety features set by facility managers
  • Fast and intuitive set-up, with no need to have manual on hand
  • In-the-field firmware updates, import/export of user preferences, and download of event logging via USB connection


  • Supply Voltage:  24VAC/DC or approved wall adapter
  • Air Velocity Range: 0.15 – 20.0 m/s (30-4,000 fpm)
  • Velocity Repeatability:  1% (NSF 49 Requirement)
  • Response Time:  < 1 Second
  • Adjustable Alarm Volume:  0 – 85 dB
  • Compliance Standards:  CE, RoHS

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Accessories and Replacement Parts

Fume hoods need fume hood monitors to measure air flow. Rooster fume hood monitors are an easy and reliable way to help you achieve compliance with current ANSI, NFPA, and OSHA standards.

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