Air Velocity Switch – S-Series

March 16, 2023 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Radar arrays are used in aerospace and defense industries to search, detect, and track aircraft and missiles. A phased array radar consists of a grid of antenna elements, each with a phase shifter. Power from the transmitter is fed to the radiating elements through the phase shifters which are controlled by a computer system. As a result, the radar beam is steered electronically, rather than mechanically moving the antenna. Like all electronic systems, performance of phased array radar systems depends on temperature, and effective cooling is needed. The S-Series platform of air velocity
switches from Degree Controls is used to monitor cooling airflow and ventilation systems in a variety of military applications.

The S-Series switch indicates air velocity, full time, and signals an alarm condition or drives a device when airflow exceeds a predefined trip point. Once good airflow is restored, the switch automatically resets itself, returning to a normal state without any user intervention.

Air velocity switch
Air Velocity Switch With Gland Fitting

Delivering high trip point accuracy, S-Series switches can be configured to alarm above or below the trip point. In addition, alarm delay and recovery point can be set to meet specific airflow requirements. Air velocity switches accept supply voltages in the +4.5VDC to +29VDC range, or 24VAC/DC. The trip point range is typically 0.15 – 20 m/s (30 – 4,000 fpm).

Permanently installing an S-Series switch allows you to identify and correct problems before the performance of your system is compromised. Degree Controls sensor experts are ready to help you choose the airflow switch that best fits your application. The S-Series is flexible and integrates easily with established systems.

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