F661/F663 Horizontal PCB Board-Mount Digital Airflow Sensor

F661 F663 Horizontal PCB Board-Mount Digital Airflow Sensor -embedded-probe

Why Choose the F661/F663?

The F661/F663 is the smallest, fully-integrated, board-solderable, digital air velocity and air temperature sensor on the market, for real-time on-board measurement. The F661 (15-24V input) and F663 (5-12V input) can be soldered directly to a printed circuit board, or plugged into a surface-mount socket for easy removal. The lower profile is used in 1RU electronic systems, or those where component height is heavily restricted.

Specifications & Details

  • Designed for 1RU & Low Profile Electronics
  • Designed for Wave Solder Systems
  • Velocity Range: 0.15 m/s – 20.0 m/s (30 fpm – 4000 fpm)
  • Response Time: 400 ms
  • Input Voltage Range: 5 – 24 VDC
  • Digital Output: 3.3 VDC UART or I²C
  • Optional Alarm Output

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