Airflow Safety Portfolio on Display at ABSA 2022

October 5, 2022 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Airflow Safety Portfolio Demonstration

DegreeC is proud to support our colleagues in the Life Sciences industry by continuing to innovate airflow measurement and visualization for biosafety applications. We look forward to showcasing our biosafety portfolio for laboratory compliance (NSF/ANSI-49 & OSHA) at the 65th Annual Biosafety and Biosecurity Hybrid Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from October 14-19, 2022. Stop by booth #215 to learn more.

Airflow Safety Simplified

Measure, monitor, and alarm for changing airflow conditions in your laboratory workstation. With the Rooster™ platform of airflow monitors. you can achieve airflow safety compliance with unprecedented ease. Our touchscreen interfaces allow users to customize alarm and display behaviors according to specific facility needs.

Airflow safety portfolio
Rooster™, Airflow Monitors from our Airflow Safety Portfolio

Precise, Sanitary Airflow Visualization

For the absolute highest quality and controllable visualization requirements, the FlowMarker™ is used by the world’s top pharmaceutical companies who require complete assurance on fog quality and supply chain. If your applications require gaining access into difficult-to-reach areas, the optional Hydra Extension Nozzle and remote activation accessories for the FlowMarker™ system allow up to 10m of extension and unprecedented ease of use.

Airflow safety portfolio
FlowMarker™ with Extensions, Cleanroom Fogger from our Airflow Safety Portfolio

The ABSA International Conference is a biosafety and biosecurity conference. It provides solutions to industry issues, presents case studies, and showcases the latest developments in biosafety and biosecurity. There are also commercial exhibits showcasing the latest technologies in biosafety and biosecurity.

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