Your Partner for Airflow Sensing, Monitoring, and Controls

Degree Controls is a leader in the design and manufacture of airflow & thermal management solutions needed for safety, efficiency, and quality in critical applications.

Your Partner for Airflow Sensing & Controls

We manufacture airflow monitoring solutions for laboratory, building, and industrial safety applications to bring air precisely where it’s needed. We also develop custom fan and heater controllers for OEM applications. DegreeC manages air from the board level, to the product level, and to the room scale.

embedded airflow and thermal sensing solutions

Award Winning Board Mount Sensor

Degree Controls’ Board Mount Sensor, F660, has been named a winner of the 2016 ECN IMPACT Awards in the category of Cooling & Thermal Management.

Decades of Experience You Can Rely On

DegreeC has been developing airflow-critical solutions for over 20 years, backed by a portfolio of products and services designed to meet the rapidly changing competitive landscape that our clients face.

Multi-point Sensing

Degree Controls’ °C Port Family of Data Acquisition Instruments are ideal where multiple airflow data-points must be collected rapidly and in real-time

Airflow Visualization

With our platform of portable, laboratory-grade, Airflow Visualization instruments, degreeC makes visualization of airflow patterns easier than ever

Alarms & Monitors

Our Rooster™ Airflow Alarm & Monitor platform provides users with a reliable, high-accuracy, hassle-free safety compliance (NSF/ANSI-49 & OSHA) solution

What's New

°C Breeze Fogger
February 2, 2023 | Blog
°C Breeze Fogger Reveals Flow Characteristics

Whether airflow patterns are unidirectional, non-directional, or mixed, having consistent, uniform airflow is essential to contamination control in cleanrooms and other controlled environments. To fully understand airflow patterns, a visual representation is required. The Degree Controls °C Breeze fogger instrument makes airflow patterns visible, identifying dead zones, disturbances, and turbulent flows. It is the Certifier’s […]

January 26, 2023 | Blog

UAS1000 EF Airflow Velocity Sensors for Thermal Analysis of Circuit Boards

UAS1000 EF Sensors allow OCP NIC 3.0 designers to test PCBAs, optimize thermal designs, and define cooling capability for cards. The 2022 OCP Global Summit held in October covered NIC (network interface card) 3.0, just one of the OCP community’s many projects supporting the growing demands on computing infrastructure and next-generation datacenters. Thermal testing of […]

January 12, 2023 | News

Multipoint Temperature Measurement with Higher Accuracy Than Ever Before

RTD1000 Temperature Sensors High-accuracy multipoint temperature measurement is here! Degree Controls released the RTD1000 platform of temperature sensors for product and process engineers to conduct single or multipoint temperature testing with higher accuracy than ever before. The RTD1000 is ideal for multipoint temperature monitoring of demanding applications where temperature sensors need to be placed in […]

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