Airflow Alarms & Monitors

airflow alarms and monitors

Rooster™ airflow alarms & monitors are designed for critical containment applications

Rooster™ is the Certifier’s Choice for airflow alarming and monitoring within chemical fume hoods, biological safety cabinets, clean rooms, and industrial ventilation systems. Air velocity sensing is temperature compensated, and Rooster™ alarms and monitors are fully configurable.

Rooster™ Airflow Alarms & Monitors Overview

Rooster™ airflow alarms and monitors use instrumentation-class air velocity sensing with full temperature compensation built in.  Rooster™ products empower facility managers and EH&S professionals with the ability to set alarm thresholds and customize alarm behaviors, and are easily integrated into building management systems.

The Rooster™ Alarm is designed as a simple retrofit option for fume hoods and biosafety cabinets, providing full time tracking of air velocities within cabinet or exhaust systems to ensure airflow never falls below user-defined thresholds.  The Rooster™ Alarm is a fast, reliable, and affordable way to monitor airflow safety and achieve NSF/ANSI-49 or OSHA compliance.

With intuitive, glove-friendly, color touchscreen interface, Rooster™ Monitors and Sensors are designed for critical containment applications where airflow needs to be viewed, monitored, alarmed, and communicated to building and laboratory control systems.  Whole-screen background colorization conveys the current state, augmented by flashing red LED while in the alarm state and configurable alarm tones.

Sensor choices for the Monitor100 and Monitor200 are side-flow sensor for negatively pressurized cabinets, insertion probe for exhaust ducts or inline retrofit design to replace legacy airflow monitors.  With multiple sensor options, the Monitor100/200 uses a quick, 2-step airflow calibration process, while the Sensor100/200 comes with a probe-style sensor, calibrated and ready to deploy.  The Monitor200 is our feature-rich, BACnet® MS/TP capable, airflow alarming and monitoring system for advanced users. Sensor200 is an advanced version of the Sensor100. Similar to Monitor200, Sensor200 is packed full of features and uses the BACnet® MS/TP protocol. The Sensor200 precalibrated airflow sensor with display offers users high flexibility, for advanced safety and critical containment applications.

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