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From the beginning, airflow technology and innovation has been our future.

Degree Controls Inc. began in the 1990s as a thermal management solutions company, focusing on cooling applications within the telecommunications industry. We expanded our intelligent, digitally interfaced, thermal management products into new verticals and added thermal engineering and laboratory compliance testing to complete our product design services.

In 2005, we acquired Cambridge AccuSense – an emerging market player with multi-point airflow sensing capabilities, in order to enhance our thermal management solutions, and to enter the intelligent sensing market.

In 2011, our new product platforms for embedded sensing, airflow tools & instrumentation, and airflow and pressure alarms & monitors leveraged both the electronics and digital communications expertise developed in the electronic controls group, and the acquired sensor technologies.

In 2017, Degree Controls was acquired by Nova Instruments, a premium quality provider of high-tech analytical instrumentation for a broad range of scientific and industrial applications serving Aerospace, Automotive, Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy and other markets.

Explore our diverse portfolio, and discover the benefits of our thermal engineering and airflow management expertise. We are committed to the design and manufacture of airflow & thermal management solutions needed for safety, efficiency, and quality in critical applications.

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