Embedded Airflow Sensors & Switches

embedded airflow sensors from Degree Controls

Embedded air velocity sensors set a new standard in configurability & versatile design-in.

Measure air velocity, temperature, and humidity with best-in-class sensor accuracy, maximum versatility, and ease of use.  Our embedded sensor platform is designed with a wide range of configuration options and both analog and digital outputs.  Probe style, board mount, and remote head package styles are included, as well as options for directional or bi-directional airflow sensing.

Airflow sensors measure the amount of airflow.  Sensors provide continuous dynamic measurement and output measured values to a datalogging or control system.

Airflow switches detect when airflow exceeds, or drops below, a given trip point.  Switches provide a binary signal, triggering an alarm, or serving as a safety interlock or control device.  When the airflow recovery point is reached, a switch moves out of its alarm state and reverts back to its normal state.

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