Embedded Airflow Sensors & Switches

Airflow Sensors that measure air velocity, temperature, and humidity with high accuracy.

Embedded airflow sensors set a new standard in configurability & versatile design-in.

Measure air velocity, temperature, and humidity with best-in-class sensor accuracy, maximum versatility, and ease of use.  Our embedded airflow sensors are designed with a wide range of configuration options and both analog and digital outputs.  Probe style, board mount, and remote head package styles are included, as well as options for directional or bi-directional airflow sensing.

Airflow sensors measure the amount of airflow.  Sensors provide continuous dynamic measurement and output measured values to a datalogging or control system.

Airflow switches detect when airflow exceeds, or drops below, a given trip point.  Switches provide a binary signal, triggering an alarm, or serving as a safety interlock or control device.  When the airflow recovery point is reached, a switch moves out of its alarm state and reverts back to its normal state.

Sensing Technology

A hot wire anemometer (HWA) determines air velocity.  It is a sensor comprised of a fine wire that is electrically heated and inserted into the flow of air to be measured.  As air flows over the instrument, cooling the wire, operating electronics adjust accordingly to keep the temperature of the wire constant.  The rate of cooling depends on the velocity of the air stream.  Thus, the electrical output of the system, which maintains the temperature of the wire, is also used to determine air velocity.

Degree Controls air velocity sensors use a glass encapsulated resistive element which makes them much more robust than those which use a fine wire suspended between insulating supports.  Our sensors indicate velocities with reference to a set of standard conditions and automatically compensate for temperature.  A description of velocity compensation for temperature, pressure, and humidity can be found in application note ANS-SD17-B for embedded air velocity sensors and multipoint air velocity sensors.

Speed Up Your Prototyping?

Arduino boards accept analog and digital inputs from Degree Controls airflow sensors.

Raspberry Pi boards accept digital inputs from Degree Controls airflow sensors.  The external analog to digital converter can be added to Raspberry Pi for it to read analog inputs.

Sample code is available to help you get started.

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