Velocity Measurement Device

Looking for an air velocity measurement device that gives you data in real time?

Airflow Sensors that measure air velocity, temperature, and humidity with high accuracy.
Airflow sensors provide real-time data to datalogging and control systems.

Air velocity is a key parameter in evaluating airflow systems across a multitude of industries. Hospitals, laboratories, and pharmaceutical compounders rely on air velocity measurement for critical containment applications. HVAC engineers monitor airflow throughout ventilation systems for occupant comfort, safety, and energy savings. Industrial manufacturers use measurement data from air velocity sensors and switches to evaluate and monitor products, processes, and environments. The list of air velocity measurement device implementations is extensive.

Embedded sensors from Degree Controls measure air velocity and temperature simultaneously with best-in-class accuracy. Our hot-wire anemometer sensors are configured to order. With choices for velocity range, supply voltage, and analog/digital output style, integration into your product or system design is seamless.  

The embedded sensing technology portfolio includes several form factors to meet a variety of application needs:

  • Probe style sensors with conformal coated electronics are well suited for monitoring airflow in HVAC ducts.    
  • Board mount sensors measure air velocity and temperature within high density electronics and enclosures. Solder or socket mount sensors directly to your PCBA.
  • Remote sensors are installed separately from sensor electronics in situations where space is at a premium. Miniature sensor heads meet small space requirements where typical probe style sensors cannot be used.
  • Sidewall, or flow through, sensors are used in critical containment devices where clean, ambient air can be drawn in to measure air velocity, rather than contaminated exhaust air.

Probe style transducers for measuring three parameters simultaneously are also available:

as well as handheld air velocity meters to spot check ventilation systems within your facility or calibrate airflow monitors in fume hoods and biosafety cabinets.

R&D Instrumentation

When testing conditions require numerous, simultaneous measurement locations, engineers and researchers turn to Degree Controls multipoint sensing and data acquisition solutions. Discrete multipoint air velocity, temperature, and humidity sensors feature a convenient USB output for direct connection to a PC or one of our multi-channel data acquisition instruments. Our laboratory-grade USB sensors, data acquisition instruments and datalogging software are designed to work together cohesively, for easy, plug and play operation. Users can efficiently measure, log, and analyze multiple points of air velocity, temperature, and humidity data in real time. Linear sensor arrays and grid sensor arrays for planar airflow analysis are available as well.

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