Grossing Station Airflow Monitor

Rooster™ Airflow Monitor Provides Real-Time Airflow Data & Alarming Capabilities

Rooster™ airflow monitors provide full-time tracking of air velocities within cabinets and exhaust systems

Monitor Airflow for Grossing Workstation Safety

Pathology grossing stations are workstations for gross examination, the visual inspection of pathology specimens to obtain diagnostic information, while processing them for further microscopic examination.  Floor or benchtop models are available, construction is typically stainless steel, and ventilation options generally include backdraft, downdraft or both.

Grossing stations must be well ventilated to prevent users from inhaling toxic formalin and xylene fumes.  Rooster™ Airflow Alarms & Monitors from Degree Controls are designed for use with grossing stations and fume hoods.  Airflow monitors help ensure that ventilation systems are working as designed, keeping toxic fumes away from the user.

Rooster™ Monitors Grossing Station Airflow

Grossing station airflow monitor has alarming capabilities and user-defined thresholds.

A typical setup for monitoring grossing station airflow consists of the Rooster™ Monitor100 mounted to the front of the grossing station, with a probe style air velocity & temperature sensor installed in the exhaust duct.

If exhaust airflow falls below a user-defined set point, the Rooster™ Monitor100 will alarm visually and audibly, warning users of potentially unsafe levels.  Key features of the Rooster™ Monitor100 include:

  • Built-in color touchscreen works with or without gloves.
  • Whole-screen background colorization conveys the current state, and critical safety alarms are augmented by a flashing red LED.
  • Instrumentation-class sensors (compatible with the latest NSF requirements for BSCs).

Equip your pathology laboratory with Rooster™ airflow monitors to continuously monitor grossing station airflow and ventilation systems.  See the Airflow Alarms & Monitors section of our website for a complete description of Rooster™ airflow monitors and their features.  Sidewall and inline sensing is also available.

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