S100 Adjustable Air Velocity Switch Provides Airflow Feedback for Duct Applications

January 12, 2023 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

The S100 is a digital switch, used to detect proper airflow. With user-adjustable set point, the S100 responds to air velocity. It is a cost-effective way to detect a change in velocity or loss of airflow due to a closed damper, malfunctioning fan, clogged filter, or obstructed air inlet/outlet. The S100 adjustable air velocity switch is widely used in HVAC applications.

The probe-style S100 air velocity switch may be configured with a normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) relay output. It is easy to install in ducts and ventilation systems. Power and output connections are made using convenient push-wire connections for fast installation. The switching point of the S100 is easily field adjustable, allowing the user to quickly set or reset the desired velocity trip point from 0.5 – 20 m/s (100 – 4000 fpm). This is usually done with a small, flat-head screwdriver, turning the on-board potentiometer to adjust the velocity threshold without having to disassemble the unit. The built-in LED indicator serves as a guide, lighting green for good airflow and red for an alarm condition.

S100 adjustable air velocity switch

Purchase the S100 adjustable air velocity switch today for your airflow proving application. It can be used to trigger an alarm or activate a safety control and is unaffected by the mechanical failures or buildup of dust and debris on paddles which affect sail switches and vane switches and prevent them from sending the correct signal to your control system.

The S100 switch includes two bracket options (parallel and perpendicular to sensor) for easy duct mounting.

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