HEPA Filter Testing and Certification with Fogger Instruments

October 5, 2022 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

HEPA Testing Helps Ensure the Safety of People, Processes, and Products

The air filtration system is only as good as the filter. Qualification testing of HEPA filters is performed upon installation using fogger visualization products. Periodic in situ testing is then done to ensure that filters are in good operating condition and satisfy the required level of efficiency without any leaks.

Certification with DegreeC Foggers

Add Degree Controls visualization products to your certification team’s toolset to test HEPA filters, detect leaks, and monitor turbulence in clean rooms and ventilation systems. FlowMarker™ and °C Breeze fogger devices are used for airflow visualization studies (AVS) and smoke pattern testing. Performance benefits include:

▪ Safe, sanitary, FDA-GRAS fog generators provide excellent flow visibility.
▪ Foggers are easy to operate, portable and lightweight.
▪ Testers can move around and evaluate airflow from different perspectives.
▪ A remote-control system is available should users require hands-free operation for lengthy setups.
▪ A wide selection of nozzle types and extensions are available to support a broad range of applications.

HEPA Filter testing

HEPA certification teams and test & measurement companies appreciate the convenience, portability, extended flow capability, and long residence time of our foggers for the work they do. Contact a Degree Controls representative with any questions you have about the performance and availability of airflow visualization products. Helpful FlowMarker™ information:

  1. FlowMarker™ fog fluid is refilled via tamper-proof, pressurized canister for assurance of contamination-free testing.
  2. An optional interface plate is available for mounting the FlowMarker™ fogger to a tripod

1A HEPA filter, high-efficiency particulate air filter, is used to describe a filter that exhibits a minimum efficiency of 99.97% at a test aerosol diameter of 0.3 micrometers, removing a high level of harmful particles from the air. HEPA filtration is widely applied in laboratory, pharmaceutical, healthcare environments, and HVAC systems to clean the air.

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