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Airflow Management for Technology & Data Centers

Meet digital demands and maximize performance of data centers and electronic systems with sensing, monitoring & control solutions

Growing data, the need to move data quickly, and market demands for smaller, faster, and more powerful and energy-efficient electronics drive the innovative airflow and thermal management solutions offered by Degree Controls. We help development engineers, manufacturers, and facilities managers realize their thermal efficiency goals and control the operations of critical equipment and systems. From board mount sensors for monitoring airflow within dense electronics, to controllers for managing environmental conditions in production processes, to intelligent air movers for dynamic cooling in data centers, we provide the products and solutions needed to optimize airflow and temperature.

We are committed to developing products and solutions to address airflow and thermal management challenges from printed circuit board to rack to room level.  Learn more about our comprehensive portfolio of sensors, monitors, controllers, and intelligent air movers through our website, or by contacting one of our experts.

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