Automotive & Transportation

Automotive airflow testing using air velocity and temperature sensors with integrated data collection and reporting software.

Cabin comfort and safety. Engine and battery cooling performance.

With rapidly evolving technologies, and the growing complexity of transportation systems, test, measurement, and control requirements become ever more challenging. To meet the high-performance demands of transportation systems on the ground and in the air, Degree Controls engineers have designed an array of specialized solutions to facilitate environmental control, streamline testing, and improve equipment processes.

Sensors, data acquisition, and sensing array products offer multi-point data polling of air velocity, temperature, and humidity in real time. Our airflow test and measurement systems are designed for flexibility. Sensors and sensor array systems are configurable, meeting user-defined specifications. Sensor array systems are fixed, or adjustable, to accommodate constant test layouts, or varying test layouts, where sensor placement locations need to change. Additionally, devices can be integrated into our multi-point measurement systems at any time, to increase the number of measurement points as testing needs change.

Environmental controllers manage critical equipment processes within manufacturing facilities and transport infrastructure. We control fans, heaters and other devices used in thermal management systems, increasing both the performance and reliability of systems.

Leverage sensing and control technologies from Degree Controls to improve your processes, throughput and safety. Whether you are looking to optimize environmental conditions for passenger comfort in interior cabins, quantify cooling performance of vehicle engine compartments, or automate containment control systems for specimen or hazardous material transport, our innovative airflow and thermal management solutions yield the precision needed from automotive to aerospace.

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