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How often should you have your °C Breeze fog generator serviced? As a regular user, you should take your time to visually inspect, clean, and perform any other necessary steps for pre and post care of all the pieces of your °C Breeze fog machine system. However, another important part of fogger equipment care is […]

Airflow Measurement Tools
February 10, 2023

Airflow Measurement Tools

Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Thousands of Degree Controls Rooster™ Airflow Monitors have been deployed throughout the world to monitor airflow in critical containment applications. When Facility Managers who have begun to install or commission a hood realize that they don’t have a handheld sensor, they contact us to purchase Rooster’s companion tool, the °C Point Anemometer. Other times, it’s […]

Fume hood control. laboratory setting
January 5, 2023

Fume Hood Control

Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

A fume hood is a primary method of exposure control for laboratories. Fume hoods are ventilated enclosures, designed to capture, contain, and exhaust fumes and vapors. The Rooster™ platform of airflow monitors is designed for critical containment applications such as fume hoods, and includes options for fume hood control. Rooster airflow monitors can track fume […]

Sensor upgrade, Sensor Head
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Recalibration Services to Maintain Sensor Accuracy Recalibrate to maintain sensor accuracy and have full confidence in the measurements you take. When you send us your sensor for recalibration, consider taking advantage of our upgrade incentives. Recent releases of our instrumentation grade sensors include improvements and new features. We are constantly working to bring better products […]

Fogger cleaning Service
December 12, 2022

Fogger Cleaning Services

Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

As the year-end approaches, this may be a good time to schedule preventive maintenance for your fogger instruments. Degree Controls provides general cleaning services for its °C Breeze and FlowMarker™ Fog Generators, and we suggest that this be done on an annual basis. Fogger cleaning is done with care, by experts, and includes a battery […]

Airflow monitor control
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It will be our pleasure to see you October 16th – 18th, at the American Biological Safety Association1 65th Annual Conference in Milwaukee. We will present Rooster™ Airflow Monitors with alarms, along with our portfolio of sanitary, FDA-GRAS fog generators. Airflow Monitor Control The Rooster platform of airflow monitors is designed to have a positive […]

Rooster™ Lab Hood Airflow Monitor
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Chosen by OEMs and Certifiers for Airflow Monitoring Within Lab Hoods Thank you! We are glad we got to meet with so many of you at the CETA Annual Meeting earlier this month. For those of you who missed it, the latest Rooster™ lab hood airflow monitor interface software gives users the option to calibrate […]

Remote-control °C Breeze fogger, remote and receiver
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Remote-control °C Breeze fogger is used for airflow pattern testing in cleanrooms, laboratories, and other controlled environments. We’ve listened to our valued customers and partners. Using an optional wireless remote controller, the °C Breeze fog generator can be controlled remotely for airflow visualization studies. Simply connect the receiver to the side of the °C Breeze, […]

amc filter clean room qualification
Posted By: Jan Fischer

AMC Filtration for Contamination Control Airborne molecular contamination (AMC), or chemical contamination, is the presence of gases or vapors in the atmosphere that may have a detrimental effect on process, equipment, and product in cleanrooms and controlled environments. AMC is a concern for the semiconductor industry, wafer fabrication, hard drive manufacturing, and other high technology […]

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