Fogger Cleaning Services

December 12, 2022 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

As the year-end approaches, this may be a good time to schedule preventive maintenance for your fogger instruments. Degree Controls provides general cleaning services for its °C Breeze and FlowMarker™ Fog Generators, and we suggest that this be done on an annual basis. Fogger cleaning is done with care, by experts, and includes a battery test. Our skilled technicians keep detailed records, and the cleaning record is added to the fog machine’s history.

Proactive maintenance for the °C Breeze Air Pattern Visualizer and FlowMarker Precision Fog Generator is a logical approach for foggers that are used frequently or critical to your company’s work. A fogger cleaning can help keep foggers running in tip-top condition and avoid potential problems before they occur at an inopportune time.

Contact our professional service coordinator Jessica Hansen,, to initiate a cleaning service for your fogger instrument. Services may be easily purchased through our online web store, and typical turnaround time is 5 days from receipt of product. We are happy to work with you to meet your scheduling requirements.

Fogger cleaning

The °C Breeze Airflow Pattern Visualizer is a portable, handheld fog generator designed for tracing air currents, commissioning ventilation systems, and demonstrating flow paths in cleanrooms and controlled environments.

The FlowMarker Precision Fog Generator is a portable, lightweight fogger instrument designed for a wide variety of flow visualization applications, including slow airflows. Proprietary FlowMarker fog fluid is FDA-GRAS approved, non-toxic and leaves no residue. Since only certified FlowMarker fluid can be used for refill, users are assured of contamination-free testing in sanitary environments.

Fogger cleaning can help companies reduce unplanned downtime which in turn leads to increased customer satisfaction.

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