Airflow Monitor Control – Better Workflows!

October 13, 2022 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

It will be our pleasure to see you October 16th – 18th, at the American Biological Safety Association1 65th Annual Conference in Milwaukee. We will present Rooster™ Airflow Monitors with alarms, along with our portfolio of sanitary, FDA-GRAS fog generators.

Airflow Monitor Control

The Rooster platform of airflow monitors is designed to have a positive impact in a user’s workflow. Some of the benefits Rooster provides to laboratories and other controlled condition environments are:

  • control fan speed with a scalable analog output,
  • use sash position sensing to enhance laboratory VAV systems, and
  • ensure operational consistency by using import/export features to transfer configuration settings among Roosters installed in a facility.

For room pressure monitoring, ask about our Pressure100 air pressure, temperature, and humidity monitor to help you achieve compliance requirements for pressurized spaces.

Airflow monitor control
Rooster™ Airflow Monitor Control

Fogger Instruments for Hands-Free Operation

We’d like to let certifiers and visualization customers know about a specialty base plate accessory for the FlowMarker™ fogger instrument. The base plate accepts a standard quick release plate with 1/4″-20 screw for tripod heads. When you want to mount your FlowMarker to a tripod for cleanroom testing, this is a quick and easy way to secure the fog generator for hands-free operation.

Airflow monitor control
FlowMarker™ Allows for Hands-Free Operation

Please visit us at booth #215, and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions at any time.

The Rooster™ Alarm is a proven replacement for discontinued Alnor® AirGard Air Flow Monitor 315-BSC.

Rooster™ Monitor100 replaces discontinued Alnor® AirGard Air Flow Monitor 350-CEM.

1Attendees represent biosafety and biosecurity, pharmaceutical, biotechnology research, development, and clinical organizations. The conference draws national and international attendees from academic, commercial, research, and governmental sectors.

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