Fog Machine Cleaning and Maintenance

May 16, 2024 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.
Fog machine

How often should you have your °C Breeze fog generator serviced?

As a regular user, you should take your time to visually inspect, clean, and perform any other necessary steps for pre and post care of all the pieces of your °C Breeze fog machine system. However, another important part of fogger equipment care is a routine inspection and service by an authorized technician. We suggest a detailed cleaning, inspection, and testing service be done annually, by our trained technicians.

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The °C Breeze Cleaning and Maintenance Service includes a thorough cleaning, all-important pump maintenance, and an evaluation of the system controller and the heater controller. As understanding the battery’s condition is paramount to optimizing fogger performance, we also perform electrical testing of the battery under load and the battery charger.

Having your portable °C Breeze fogger machine serviced each year is a valuable investment. Keep your fog generator in good working order and maximize its lifespan.


The NiMH (Nickel‐Metal Hydride) battery is recommended over the lead acid battery because it has a longer run time1, flatter voltage discharge profile for smoother fog flow, and higher cycle life2.

1Run time refers to how long a battery can continuously power a device before it needs to be recharged or replaced.

2Cycle life is the number of charge and discharge cycles a battery can complete before it loses performance.

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