Remote-Control °C Breeze Fogger

April 18, 2022 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Remote-control °C Breeze fogger is used for airflow pattern testing in cleanrooms, laboratories, and other controlled environments.

We’ve listened to our valued customers and partners. Using an optional wireless remote controller, the °C Breeze fog generator can be controlled remotely for airflow visualization studies. Simply connect the receiver to the side of the °C Breeze, and use the remote to start and stop fog generation. For clients who already own a °C Breeze, the fogging device (regardless of age) needs no update to accept the radio controller. All that needs to be done is to buy the remote controller, and then plug and play. With wireless remote control, the °C Breeze fogger may be used in isolators, closed cleanrooms, and restricted-access barrier systems (RABS) while the user is completely outside of the field of study.

The °C Breeze is a light, portable airflow visualization system using FDA GRAS approved, non-depositing, oilless and smoke-free fog fluid. Fog delivery is adjustable to meet operational preferences, and optional fog dispersion nozzles and battery/power handling accessories are available. With ease of operation and flexibility, the °C Breeze is a best value fogger instrument for testing and certification of cleanrooms, laboratories, and other controlled environments.

Remote-Control °C Breeze Fogger

Degree Controls foggers are used for flow visualization testing of fume hoods according to the ASHRAE 110 standards as well as airflow pattern testing of biosafety cabinets for NSF/ANSI Standard 49 certification.

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