Sensor Upgrade with Calibration

December 20, 2022 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Recalibration Services to Maintain Sensor Accuracy

Recalibrate to maintain sensor accuracy and have full confidence in the measurements you take. When you send us your sensor for recalibration, consider taking advantage of our upgrade incentives. Recent releases of our instrumentation grade sensors include improvements and new features. We are constantly working to bring better products to our customers.

Here’s what to expect with a sensor upgrade:

  • We’ve moved our USB-based air velocity and temperature sensors to ARM processors. The UAS1000 Air Velocity and Temperature Sensors and UTS1000 Thermocouples use the latest ARM-based processor technologies for maximum performance and added features such as indicators and fault detection.
  • Air velocity sensor accuracy has gone from the old standard of “the greater of 5% of reading or ±0.03 m/s”, to the new standard of “the greater of 3% reading or ±0.015 m/s” for most sensor heads.1
  • In addition, a sensor upgrade will leverage our new electronics and cable designs.

If your airflow sensing requirements have changed, or you have a new application to address, we offer incentives for you to exchange your sensor for one with a different sensor head or velocity range. Upgrades are also available for ATM24xx and °C Port multipoint data acquisition instruments.

Sensor upgrade with calibration sensor options
Ask About Upgrade Options to Exchange Sensors, Example Air Velocity Sensors Shown Above

Contact Jessica Hansen,, with questions about recalibration services and upgrades. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please be aware that any UAS1000, UTS1000 and UHS1000 products manufactured prior to January 1st, 2015, shall be required to undergo a product upgrade, when returned for calibration.

1The accuracy of the XS style head, UTS1000 and UHS1000 will be unchanged.

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