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Fume Hood Alarm, Display values options
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Do you need an airflow monitor for your laboratory construction or renovation project? The primary function of a fume hood alarm is to warn laboratory personnel of potentially unsafe levels of airflow. The Rooster series of airflow monitors allows you to easily achieve that level of airflow safety. We have solutions for new fume hood […]

Rooster airflow monitor, new features
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

We promised you more, and we’ve delivered. For 2024, the Rooster airflow monitor has new features for improved airflow safety and better fume hood performance. The Rooster Monitor100’s closed-loop control system allows users to maintain a face velocity setpoint. The analog output control signal indicates velocity, and EH&S managers can now choose from a linear […]

Fume hood monitors
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Interested in upgrading your laboratory? Upgrading laboratory equipment and ventilation systems leads to increased efficiency, enhanced safety, and regulatory compliance. Not only do Rooster fume hood monitors ensure that fume hoods have adequate containment for airflow safety and compliance, but lead times are short. One of our HVAC partners just completed an upgrade project for […]

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Are your fume hoods equipped with airflow monitors? The Rooster Airflow Alarm is a real-time continuous fume hood performance monitor. It protects users by constantly measuring air velocity and indicating whether fume hood airflow is within safe design limits. Installing a fume hood flow alarm also allows you to meet industry standards and guidelines which […]

Grossing station airflow monitor, RM100 with probe sensor
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Do you want to enhance the safety of your grossing station? Formaldehyde exposure is a safety concern in histology and pathology laboratories. Rooster™ Airflow Alarms and Monitors from Degree Controls are designed for use with grossing stations and fume hoods. The Monitor100 grossing station airflow monitor continuously tracks airflow levels to help ensure that ventilated […]

Airflow monitors
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The Rooster™ platform of airflow monitors from Degree Controls allows Certifiers to differentiate themselves. We offer customizations for our monitors that allow you to showcase your business, its products, and the services you provide. The Rooster can be built with a graphic overlay displaying your company’s name and logo to provide a compelling visual brand […]

Fume hood control. laboratory setting
January 5, 2023

Fume Hood Control

Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

A fume hood is a primary method of exposure control for laboratories. Fume hoods are ventilated enclosures, designed to capture, contain, and exhaust fumes and vapors. The Rooster™ platform of airflow monitors is designed for critical containment applications such as fume hoods, and includes options for fume hood control. Rooster airflow monitors can track fume […]

Airflow and pressure monitors airflow
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Choose the Rooster™ to best fit your needs! What is it? How do I choose it? Which sensor? How do I calibrate? Contact John Callanan, john.callanan@degreec.com, with questions about the Rooster™ airflow and pressure monitors that are right for you. ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 110 is an American National Standard used to evaluate fume containment of laboratory […]

Side Wall Sensing, fume hoods
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Do you need to control and monitor fume hood face velocity? The Degree Controls side wall sensor is a flow-through device used by Laboratory Managers to control and monitor fume hood face velocity. It is typically mounted in the side wall of a fume hood and draws in clean, ambient air, rather than contaminated exhaust […]

Side Wall Sensing, Rooster Airflow monitors
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Choose Degree Controls for your airflow monitors! We understand that you need an alarm and monitor that perfectly complements your application. We recognize that you need consistent product availability. We know your time is valuable Degree Control monitors are found in laboratories, clean rooms, building management, and industrial settings around the world, ensuring airflow safety […]

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