Rooster Airflow Monitor Delivers New Capabilities to Fume Hoods

January 11, 2024 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

We promised you more, and we’ve delivered. For 2024, the Rooster airflow monitor has new features for improved airflow safety and better fume hood performance.

The Rooster Monitor100’s closed-loop control system allows users to maintain a face velocity setpoint. The analog output control signal indicates velocity, and EH&S managers can now choose from a linear scaled output, or PI (proportional and integral) control, to regulate a fan or damper. Adjustments are automatic, and the system is resilient to disruptions.

The intent of a new purge mode is to temporarily increase airflow to evacuate air from a ventilated enclosure in the event of a spill or emergency condition. Initiating the purge sequence sets the Monitor100’s analog output to its highest level. With purge, a user may fully open a valve, or set a fan to maximum speed, to override the normal airflow setpoint.

Further, users may set a calibration due date for the Monitor100 and enter Certifier information for the fume hood. A custom startup image can also be uploaded to the Rooster airflow monitor to establish your company’s identity.

Upgrade your fume hoods with the Rooster Monitor100 and provide a more robust barrier between hazardous fumes or vapors and laboratory personnel.

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