Set Yourself Apart with Rooster™ Airflow Monitors

March 30, 2023 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

The Rooster™ platform of airflow monitors from Degree Controls allows Certifiers to differentiate themselves. We offer customizations for our monitors that allow you to showcase your business, its products, and the services you provide.

The Rooster can be built with a graphic overlay displaying your company’s name and logo to provide a compelling visual brand identity. First impressions last. A custom splash screen is an opportunity for you to create a positive impact on users while the monitor’s application software is loading. For OEMs, certification companies, or laboratories with a large quantity of hoods, our engineering team can configure the Rooster to display a tailor-made image for you on boot up.

Airflow monitors
Airflow Monitors Customized With a Unique Feature Set, Auxiliary Light Control Example

Adding distinctive features to the Rooster can set you apart as well. For example, customized firmware incorporating an emergency purge sequence provides users with an extra level of airflow safety. Or, for added convenience, a button can be added to the Rooster’s main screen to turn a relay output on/off for controlling an auxiliary light in a remote or hard-to-reach location. What’s more, the Rooster’s calibration routine allows you to enter your name, contact email, and calibration due date. This information is displayed on the Info screen, and Rooster will present a notification if certification expires

Certifiers, you’re testing fume hoods, BSCs, and fume extractor cabinets for effectiveness. Promote your brand and make your expertise known with the Rooster platform of airflow monitors for critical containment applications.

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