Fume Hood Flow Alarm for Containment Systems

October 5, 2023 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Are your fume hoods equipped with airflow monitors?

The Rooster Airflow Alarm is a real-time continuous fume hood performance monitor. It protects users by constantly measuring air velocity and indicating whether fume hood airflow is within safe design limits. Installing a fume hood flow alarm also allows you to meet industry standards and guidelines which address the effectiveness and performance of fume hoods.

Fume Hood Flow Alarm for Containment Systems

The small form factor alarm monitor is easily attached to a fume hood, at user level, via adhesive. Using your choice of side-flow sensor for negatively pressurized cabinets or probe-type air velocity sensor for exhaust ducts, the monitor alarms when a low airflow condition is detected. The red-green LED indicator visually indicates airflow status and is accompanied by audible alarming when fume hood airflow falls below a calibrated alarm set point. Although the Rooster Alarm is our most basic airflow monitor, it provides users with a one-step push button calibration process, calibration at known safe flow or the alarm trip point, selections for alarm latching, and ringback functionality.

A fume hood is a primary engineering control that protects laboratory personnel from chemical exposure. Install the Rooster fume hood flow alarm, and know when cabinets are not performing as they should be.

Rooster Alarm Module
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