Fume Hood Monitors Included in Laboratory Upgrade Project

October 12, 2023 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Interested in upgrading your laboratory?

Fume hood monitors for upgrading laboratory

Upgrading laboratory equipment and ventilation systems leads to increased efficiency, enhanced safety, and regulatory compliance. Not only do Rooster fume hood monitors ensure that fume hoods have adequate containment for airflow safety and compliance, but lead times are short.

One of our HVAC partners just completed an upgrade project for a laboratory with 100+ fume hoods. The project schedule was aggressive. Our Rooster platform of airflow monitors met the client’s technical requirements for providing continuous tracking of air velocities within cabinet or exhaust systems, and our quick turnaround times met their scheduling requirements. In addition, the client appreciated having choices for functional performance, ranging from basic to advanced, and the ease with which the fume hood monitors are installed and operated.

Contact us today to learn more about our airflow monitors or stop by booth #407 at the ABSA Biosafety and Biosecurity Conference (Oct 15-17, 2023). We will provide you with the best possible support as you move forward with your laboratory upgrade and modernization projects.

Fume hood testing instruments from Degree Controls are readily available for you as well. The portable °C Breeze and FlowMarker fog generators for airflow pattern testing generally ship same day or next day.

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