Fume Hood Alarm Platform for New Installations and Renovations

March 26, 2024 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.
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Do you need an airflow monitor for your laboratory construction or renovation project?

The primary function of a fume hood alarm is to warn laboratory personnel of potentially unsafe levels of airflow. The Rooster series of airflow monitors allows you to easily achieve that level of airflow safety. We have solutions for new fume hood installations and laboratory upgrades, and, with a range of monitors to meet your needs, you can select the model that’s just right for you.

First decide if you want to display measured velocity values. Our basic Rooster Alarm is suitable for applications where air velocity values do not need to be viewed. For display of air velocity and temperature measurements in real time, as well as whole screen background colorization for current airflow state, choose the glove-friendly, color touch-screen system.

Next, consider facility requirements. Will a night setback mode of operation allow you to realize energy savings? Does controlling a fan or damper with an analog output proportional to velocity enhance your application?  Is your laboratory control system stronger if your airflow monitor has BACnet® MS/TP capability to communicate with a building network? Then, choose a sensor. Selections include a sidewall sensor which is ideal for measuring flow in negatively pressurized cabinets, or an insertion probe for monitoring exhaust ducts.

Delivering airflow safety and compliance to modern laboratories, universities, and research centers worldwide, the Rooster airflow monitors with audible, visual, and remote alarms are installed and operated with ease. Contact Degree Controls today to select the best monitor to meet the needs of your organization.

Fume Hood Alarm, Probe sensor
Fume Hood Alarm, Sidewall sensor
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