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two-dimensional airflow analysis
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Multipoint instrumentation streamlines planar airflow analysis. Part 1 of Airflow Tools Series – Multipoint Sensing Arrays & Instrumentation Measurement of air velocity, temperature, and humidity are crucial steps in product design and development. When testing conditions require numerous, simultaneous measurement locations, product design teams turn to multipoint instrumentation from Degree Controls. Multipoint sensing systems streamline […]

Posted By: Jan Fischer

Multipoint Sensing Saves Time & Avoids Measurement Inaccuracies Using the single point measurement approach to measure airflow at multiple points is loads of work and may result in measurement inaccuracies. R&D groups turn to Degree Controls for multipoint sensing and data acquisition solutions when testing conditions require numerous, simultaneous, measurement locations.  °C SPARs and °C […]

rf embedded airflow sensor
Posted By: Steve Carter

New Air Velocity Reference (RF) Sensor Easily add airflow sensing to your printed circuit board assemblies using the new reference sensor with instrumentation solution from Degree Controls. The new UAS1000 RF, reference sensor, designed to be integrated into thermal load cards, test boards and test equipment, is the latest addition to our UAS1000 Series of air velocity and air […]