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Do your airflow testing conditions require numerous measurement points? Do you need to accommodate different test layouts? With a °C SPAR rack system you can measure multiple points of air velocity, temperature, and humidity simultaneously. The multipoint airflow testing setup includes multiple sensor pole arrays which can be independently moved within a frame structure to […]

AccuTrac datalogging software
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Hassle-Free AccuTrac Datalogging Software Speeds Up Time to Market If you’re thinking about upgrading or adding a data acquisition solution to better understand airflow and temperature parameters, we can help. AccuTrac datalogging software is used by engineers and research scientists to collect, record, and analyze measurements from multiple sensors simultaneously. Designed to work together with […]

Airflow Sensor Grid gradient map
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°C Grid Sensor Array Systems Measure, Map, and Record Up To 200 Points of Air Velocity and Temperature in Real Time Equipment performance depends on the airflow inside and around the machinery. For example, understanding airflow allows designers to enhance engine cooling systems and eco-efficient vehicle cooling modules. In industrial ovens and drying processes, optimizing […]

Fan performance testing
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Do you need to test fan airflow? The °C SPAR is a fully configurable Sensor Pole Array system for linear air velocity, temperature, and humidity measurement. Manufacturers, product testing labs, and engineers involved in the development and design of test equipment use °C SPARs to measure fan performance. It is an efficient and effective tool […]

UHS1000 Humidity Sensor
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The UHS1000 Humidity Sensor The UHS1000 is a relative humidity (RH) sensor, measuring the water vapor content of air, and features the convenience of USB connectivity. UHS1000 is most often used with its companion sensors, the UAS1000 (Air Velocity), and UTS1000/RTD1000 (Air and Surface Temperature) sensors, to create multipoint and multifactor environmental testing. In addition, […]

Ceiling fan airflow
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Do you need an air velocity sensor to CFM test your ceiling fans? The UAS1000 OD (“omnidirectional”) air velocity and temperature sensor is purpose-built for CFM (cubic feet of airflow per minute) testing of ceiling fans. Optimized for circulating air and applications where the predominant flow vector is well known, the UAS1000 OD is calibrated […]

°C Port DAQ Instruments - °C Port3600 sensor ports
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The °C Port DAQ instrument (data acquisition instrument) makes the process of collecting airflow data easier, more efficient, and more reliable. Engineers, researchers, and scientists alike use °C Port systems to get air velocity, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure1 data from multiple sensors at the same time, and without the need for human intervention. Using […]

Windshield defrost tester,
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Mechanically flexible airflow sensor array with datalogging software streamlines automotive windshield defrost testing for HVAC engineering teams. Flexible grid arrays of air velocity and temperature sensors from Degree Controls measure airflow distribution across planar areas with simultaneous polling of up to 200 sensors. Automotive manufacturers, HVAC designers, and quality engineers use the °C SPAR (sensor […]

two-dimensional airflow analysis - CSPAR Grid Rack
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Multipoint instrumentation streamlines planar airflow analysis. Part 1 of Airflow Tools Series – Multipoint Sensing Arrays & Instrumentation Measurement of air velocity, temperature, and humidity are crucial steps in product design and development. When testing conditions require numerous, simultaneous measurement locations, product design teams turn to multipoint instrumentation from Degree Controls. Multipoint sensing systems streamline […]

Posted By: Jan Fischer

Multipoint Sensing Saves Time & Avoids Measurement Inaccuracies Using the single point measurement approach to measure airflow at multiple points is loads of work and may result in measurement inaccuracies. R&D groups turn to Degree Controls for multipoint sensing and data acquisition solutions when testing conditions require numerous, simultaneous, measurement locations.  °C SPARs and °C […]

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