Humidity Sensors for Real-Time Compensation of Air Velocity Measurement

November 10, 2022 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

The UHS1000 Humidity Sensor

The UHS1000 is a relative humidity (RH) sensor, measuring the water vapor content of air, and features the convenience of USB connectivity. UHS1000 is most often used with its companion sensors, the UAS1000 (Air Velocity), and UTS1000/RTD1000 (Air and Surface Temperature) sensors, to create multipoint and multifactor environmental testing. In addition, using relative humidity from the UHS1000 to compensate standard air velocity measurements in real time allows users to achieve the best accuracy in air velocity testing.

UHS1000 humidity sensors offer 1.5% accuracy in environments from 0% to 100% RH. Supplied with a 1-meter shielded cable, UHS allows access to distant and compact locations including spaces between semiconductor devices and the inside of ducts, plenums, and environmental chambers.

All Degree Controls’ USB sensors work with Windows-based, AccuTracTM datalogging software. When plugged into the °C Port family of data acquisition instruments, users can poll as many as 180 sensors in real time.

UHS1000 Humidity Sensor

Response Time and Temperature

It’s important to understand the effects of response time and temperature on relative humidity measurements for the UHS1000 humidity sensor. With all sensors, it takes time for the sensor’s output to change in response to a change in the input parameter. This sensor response time is often defined using T63, also known as the sensor time constant. T63 indicates how long it takes a sensor to reach 63.2% of its final value when there is an instant change in the variable being measured. Further, since humidity depends on temperature, a sensor’s relative humidity measurement is correct when that sensor’s temperature has stabilized. Knowing the response time of your sensor and the expected temperature changes for your application will help you achieve the best in your system’s measurement performance.

Sensing, measuring, and monitoring humidity is key to a wide variety of applications including electronics, industrial, metal processing, and semiconductor. Contact Degree Controls today to learn more about the UHS1000 humidity sensor for multipoint test systems or standalone measurement implementations.

The 2022 Edition of ASHRAE 41.2 Standard Methods for Air Velocity and Airflow Measurements covers methods for air velocity and airflow measurement, including consideration for density effects.

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