Sliding Airflow Sensors – Coming Soon!

February 1, 2024 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.
°C Rail multipoint airflow measurement system with Sliding airflow Sensors

°C Rail multipoint airflow measurement instrumentation is ideal for users who will define different test layouts to measure air velocity and temperature in product and process control applications.

The new °C Rail multipoint airflow measurement system has sliding sensors to accommodate different measurement locations, and it’s coming soon! A complete °C Rail system consists of sensors, a rail extrusion with built-in communications hub, and AccuTrac datalogging software. Windows®-based AccuTrac software collects data from all °C Rail sensors in real-time.

Whether you need to measure multiple points of air velocity simultaneously to test ceiling fans, characterize plumes from floor standing fan heaters, or analyze server rack cooling in a datacenter, °C Rail instrumentation makes multipoint measurement even easier than before. It is a flexible system. The linear track allows users to move sensors back and forth along the rail to change airflow measurement locations, addressing the need to satisfy different test setups. °C Rail eliminates the need for separate data acquisition hardware. The built-in communications hub provides sensor power and signal connections through the rail (no sensor cables to route), and digital sensor data is transferred to your PC across USB. The modular design saves time and resources. With the ability to add sensors and change sensor positions at anytime, °C Rail instrumentation empowers users to respond quickly to changing test requirements.

Enhance your test strategy for new product development with °C Rail multipoint airflow instrumentation.

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