AccuTrac Datalogging Software

March 23, 2023 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Hassle-Free AccuTrac Datalogging Software Speeds Up Time to Market

If you’re thinking about upgrading or adding a data acquisition solution to better understand airflow and temperature parameters, we can help. AccuTrac datalogging software is used by engineers and research scientists to collect, record, and analyze measurements from multiple sensors simultaneously. Designed to work together with our laboratory-grade USB sensors and multi-channel °C Port data acquisition instruments, AccuTrac allows users to collect, view, and analyze data for up to 180 sensors in real time.

How it works

Air velocity, temperature, and humidity sensors feature a convenient USB connection to plug directly into the °C Port. The °C Port transmits sensor data to your PC via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and Windows-based AccuTrac collects, displays, and analyzes your multipoint sensor data. With AccuTrac, you get instantaneous feedback as you adjust the system under test, allowing for optimal system performance to be reached more quickly.

AccuTrac datalogging software
AccuTrac datalogging software

As an AccuTrac customer, you will experience these benefits:

▪ Available immediately and compatible with standard Windows OS
▪ Easy to use, programming experience is not required
▪ Plug and play operation, sensors can be added to multipoint test setups at any time
▪ Environmental compensation capability for the highest accuracy air velocity data
▪ Colorized gradient mapping of airflow velocity and temperature to give users a clear picture of airflow system performance

AccuTrac is a ready-made airflow and temperature datalogging and analysis solution, and the DegreeC team is here for support. If you misplace your license code, or need to change the user email, contact and we will take care of it for you. What’s more, any AccuTrac updates are automatically emailed to the user of record.

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