Airflow Sensor Grid Saves Testing Time

March 9, 2023 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

°C Grid Sensor Array Systems Measure, Map, and Record Up To 200 Points of Air Velocity and Temperature in Real Time

Equipment performance depends on the airflow inside and around the machinery. For example, understanding airflow allows designers to enhance engine cooling systems and eco-efficient vehicle cooling modules. In industrial ovens and drying processes, optimizing airflow improves product quality and yield. Given the important influence of airflow, engineers and researchers turn to Degree Controls sensor grid array systems for a clear picture of airflow system performance.

The °C Grid system is a customized X-Y array, multi-point airflow sensing solution that allows users to measure air velocity and temperature across a planar area. It profiles an airflow system by taking a series of air velocity and temperature readings and displaying sensor readings as a colorized gradient for air velocity and temperature. Unlike a single sensor that needs to be moved from point to point, the airflow sensor grid makes measurements at multiple locations simultaneously.

Airflow Sensor Grid

°C Grid systems measure, record, and map up to 200 points in real time. Complete with sensor grid array, interface box, cabling, and software, a single USB plug connects a °C Grid system to your PC. Built to user-defined dimensions for overall size and sensor locations, °C Grid offers a more repeatable test setup than a single point measurement approach. In addition, °C Grid minimizes unproductive setup time and maximizes testing throughput for applications where many measurement points are needed to quantify the performance of an airflow system.

Streamline your research and development processes with Degree Controls multipoint sensing and data acquisition solutions.

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