Multipoint Airflow Testing

May 25, 2023 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Do your airflow testing conditions require numerous measurement points? Do you need to accommodate different test layouts?

With a °C SPAR rack system you can measure multiple points of air velocity, temperature, and humidity simultaneously. The multipoint airflow testing setup includes multiple sensor pole arrays which can be independently moved within a frame structure to accommodate different test layouts.

Multipoint airflow testing, °C SPAR rack system
°C SPARs can be moved within the frame and added to the frame at any time, to increase measurement points.

Custom °C SPAR sensor pole arrays and the accompanying frame assembly are designed and built based on client specifications. °C SPARs consist of multiple airflow sensors, each terminating with a convenient USB plug. The linear length, sensor quantity, and sensor pitch are all defined by the user.

Multipoint airflow testing, °C SPAR

°C SPAR systems are designed for use with the °C Port data acquisition instrument and AccuTrac™ software toolset, enabling real-time data logging, analytics, and gradient mapping for Windows® OS users. Multipoint airflow testing systems feature plug-and-play operation, and a single AccuTrac™ experiment can collect as many as 180 sensor measurements in real time.

Airflow measurement instrumentation, datacenter

°C SPAR test equipment is well suited for data center rack profiling and characterizing air velocity through large plenums. R&D teams use °C SPAR grids to ensure that ventilated products and processes meet or exceed design specifications.

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