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Bi-directional velocity sensors, racks
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Airflow is an important factor in a data center. By adding air velocity sensing to your data center monitoring system, you can be notified of potential issues right away. Sensor placements will vary based on the data center environment; however, many organizations opt to monitor each cold air supply and hot air exhaust. Bi-directional velocity […]

Bi-directional velocity sensors
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Bi-directional velocity sensors measure velocity, temperature, and airflow direction simultaneously The simultaneous measurement of air velocity and air direction is essential to environmental management and process control. Building air should move from clean to dirty zones, and then out, to provide for healthy indoor environments. To conserve energy, reduce cooling costs, and prevent electronics from […]

Volumetric airflow measurement, °C Grate
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Need to add basis to your efficiency conversations? Collect the data first. Proper cooling architecture is of the utmost importance when considering overall energy consumption and cost effectiveness within a data center. PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), RCI (Rack Cooling Index), and COP (Coefficient of Performance) are measures that deserve to be part of cooling and […]

Bidirectional airflow sensors, carrot drying
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B-Series airflow sensors measure air velocity, temperature, and the direction of velocity in real time. Bidirectional airflow sensors detect flow reversals to alert HVAC professionals and process engineers to out of bounds conditions. Air should be moving in the right direction for systems and processes to work as designed. Airflow direction matters. It is connected […]

Flexible Sensing Arrays
November 8, 2021

Flexible Sensing Arrays

Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Multipoint measurement allows many points of air velocity, temperature, and humidity data to be sensed and collected simultaneously, and in real time. Two-dimensional sensing arrays are used to measure air velocity and temperature in a planar cross section of a flow field. Airflow applications may require: A single test layout where the number of sensors […]

HotSpotr™ Cools Datacenter Server Cabinets
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

As managers monitor raised floor data centers and identify hot spots that need to be addressed, they often turn to the HotSpotr™ HT-510 thermostatically controlled air mover to solve cooling issues. The HT-510 is an underfloor air mover, DC fan tray cooling tile. It delivers a variable volume of cooling air upward, to the inlet side of […]

Floor tile airflow measurements in datacenters
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Perforated Floor Tile Airflow Measurements Data center cooling is key to protecting IT equipment, maximizing capacity, and optimizing efficiency. In a raised floor data center, cool air is pumped into an underfloor plenum and delivered to IT equipment through perforated floor tiles. Measuring airflow rates through these floor tiles is essential to validate CFD models, […]

HotSpotr HT-510 underfloor air mover - top; HotSpotr™ Airflow Management for Datacenters
Posted By: Phil Daniels

HotSpotr™ HT-510 underfloor air movers eliminate data center hot spots Data centers vary in size, location, and purpose, having diverse and continually evolving architectures. Enterprise managed services, and colocation data centers are just a few of the types of data centers that store, process, and disseminate data. Despite the differences, managing airflow remains a common, […]

Server room center exchanging cyber data and connections 3D rendering
Posted By: Alex Sargent

Computer room air conditioning (CRAC) is essential to protecting IT gear and optimizing data center performance. Containment strategies that restrict the mixing of hot and cold air within data centers can significantly increase cooling capacity and reduce energy costs. Cold aisle containment systems isolate server supply air using physical barriers, whereas hot aisle containment systems […]

data center cooling
Posted By: Jan Fischer

Better Cooling and Cost Savings Data centers need sufficient cool air, and data center performance is more efficient and reliable with balanced cooling. The portable °C Grate airflow measurement tool is specifically designed for quickly testing airflow rates over perforated floor tiles in data centers, office spaces and laboratory environments.  °C Grate provides accuracy to […]

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