Flexible Sensing Arrays

November 8, 2021 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Multipoint measurement allows many points of air velocity, temperature, and humidity data to be sensed and collected simultaneously, and in real time. Two-dimensional sensing arrays are used to measure air velocity and temperature in a planar cross section of a flow field. Airflow applications may require:

A single test layout where the number of sensors and sensor locations stay the same from test to test,
different test layouts where sensor locations change from test to test, and the number of sensors may also change.

°C Grid for Constant Test Layouts
The Degree Controls °C Grid sensor array system is the best way to go for customers who will test the same thing over and over again. °C Grid instruments measure and record air velocity and temperature for up to 200 points in real time.  

Custom-built to user-defined specifications for size, sensor quantity, sensor location, and velocity range, °C Grid is a comprehensive solution for measuring, mapping, and analyzing airflow conditions. °C Grid systems include sensor array, interface box, cables, and °C Grid data logging software. Humidity sensing may be added to provide dynamic humidity input for real time compensation of measured air velocity. A single USB plug connects the °C Grid system directly to your PC. 

Flexible Sensing Arrays Measure Planar Airflow at Server Intakes

Typical applications include:

  • IT rack airflow and inlet temperature measurement,
  • CFD validation of heat exchangers,
  • cabin comfort testing and defrost analysis, and
  • quality assurance testing of room level comfort and purification devices

°C Grid System Application Example
Automotive comfort engineers use the °C Grid system to test airflow patterns in different zones of a vehicle as they adjust airflow and vent configurations. The °C Grid can match a seat, dashboard, or human body profile, or span the entire width of the cabin.

°C SPAR System for Changing Test Layouts
The Degree Controls °C SPAR sensing array system is the best way to go for customers who will define different test layouts. For planar airflow analysis, Degree Controls offers an arrangement of °C SPAR linear arrays in a support frame, to create an adjustable two-dimensional sensing array system. The customized frame has provisions for the user to change the positions of °C SPAR wands within the frame. Orientation adjustments may be built in as well, to aim wands or point them in the direction of air flow. °C SPARs may be added to the frame at any time to increase the number of sensing locations.

°C SPAR sensor pole array systems measure multiple points of air velocity, temperature, and humidity simultaneously. Each °C SPAR is comprised of multiple airflow sensors with sensor quantity, location, and velocity range defined by the user. A convenient USB output connects sensors to a °C Port data acquisition instrument used with Windows®-based AccuTrac™ software. One or more °C Ports may be connected to a single AccuTrac™ session, depending on the number of sensors required for an experiment. 

This flexible system of °C SPARs and °C Ports with AccuTrac™ software allows users to easily change sensor placements for varying test layouts:

  • °C SPARs can be moved within the frame, and
  • °C SPARs can be added to the frame, at any time, to increase measurement points. 
Flexible Sensing Arrays

Note:  Part 1 of our Airflow Tools Series – MULTIPOINT MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS FOR CONSTANT AND CHANGING TEST LAYOUTS describes advantages of multipoint measurement and provides an overview of Degree Controls linear and grid sensing array systems. See the complete application note, Planar Airflow Analysis with Multipoint Instrumentation, on our website. 

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