Bidirectional Airflow Sensors Detect Flow Reversals

April 11, 2022 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

B-Series airflow sensors measure air velocity, temperature, and the direction of velocity in real time.

Bidirectional airflow sensors

Bidirectional airflow sensors detect flow reversals to alert HVAC professionals and process engineers to out of bounds conditions. Air should be moving in the right direction for systems and processes to work as designed.

Airflow direction matters. It is connected to the control of airborne particles in cleanrooms1. Periodically reversing airflow shortens drying time in the production of vegetables and other crops, which leads to energy savings and increased drying capacity. In the combustion systems of critical manufacturing processes, airflow direction is key to maintaining optimal air-to-fuel ratios. Airflow direction also affects indoor air quality (IAQ) and building and occupant comfort.

Bi-directional, air velocity and temperature sensors measure and output airflow direction, as well as velocity and temperature, in real time. Degree Controls B-Series sensors identify flow reversals which may result from a fan failure, damper in the wrong position, or flow blockage. With bidirectional airflow sensors from Degree Controls, HVAC professionals and process engineers receive early warning of abnormal conditions, and adjustments can be made immediately.

B300/B500 bidirectional airflow sensors are designed with sealed, probe-style enclosure and conformal-coated sensor electronics. They are well suited for applications in building ducts, containment spaces, and process environments. B-Series sensors are configured to order, offering choices for velocity range, sensor probe length, and input power. Both analog and digital outputs are available to signal a PLC or actuate a device.

B-Series sensors are ideal for applications in building ducts, containment spaces, and process environments. The additional airflow direction information provided by B-Series bi-directional, air velocity and temperature sensors makes it possible to improve process and system control.

1ISO 14644 Standards address the design, construction, operation, and testing of cleanrooms.

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