Volumetric airflow measurement tool for data center floor tiles

December 5, 2022 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Need to add basis to your efficiency conversations? Collect the data first.

Proper cooling architecture is of the utmost importance when considering overall energy consumption and cost effectiveness within a data center. PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), RCI (Rack Cooling Index), and COP (Coefficient of Performance) are measures that deserve to be part of cooling and efficiency conversations, as do HAC/CAC (Hot-Aisle and Cold-Aisle Containment) implementations to minimize or eliminate hot spots.

While vital for ongoing improvements, these discussions need to be backed up by hard data that focuses on where the problem areas are, and how solutions should be brought about. DegreeC recommends a methodical approach to first ascertain whether or not the critical components of your data center, such as your raised floor tiles, are at peak performance. Start by efficiently capturing an accurate snapshot of your critical airflow environment using a purpose built tool: The °C Grate™.

The °C Grate is a volumetric airflow measurement tool for measuring flow rates through floor tiles in data centers and laboratories. It was specifically designed to overcome the inherent inaccuracy of balometers and flow hoods, which restrict tile airflow and generally force airflow through neighboring tiles, causing erroneous readings. The °C Grate’s zero impedance architecture is made of a lightweight construction that is easy to move around. Specialized graphing and mapping software ensures your measurements happen quickly and efficiently (2 minutes per tile on average).

Volumetric airflow measurement

Gradient Mapping at Each Floor Tile

Being able to define the CFM and temperature through all perforated tiles in a raised floor data center is essential to moving conversations about efficiency gains into actions. Additionally, measuring the flow gradient across an individual tile demonstrates how air is being delivered to any given rack. The °C Grate volumetric airflow measurement tool provides gradient maps of air velocity and air temperature across each floor tile area, in order to reveal if flow is biased in certain areas.

ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 90.4-2019, Energy Standard for Data Centers establishes the minimum energy efficiency requirements for the design and operation of data centers.

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