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Sensor array, °C Rail section
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

How to Get a Flexible Airflow Tester for Large Areas If you need to characterize the flow of air from your fan-based products, the °C Rail multipoint airflow sensing array solution opens up new possibilities. The °C Rail is an adjustable sensor array designed to cover large footprints. Sliding-type air velocity sensors are easily repositioned […]

Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

How often should you have your °C Breeze fog generator serviced? As a regular user, you should take your time to visually inspect, clean, and perform any other necessary steps for pre and post care of all the pieces of your °C Breeze fog machine system. However, another important part of fogger equipment care is […]

Multipoint instrumentation, AccuTrac with C Port and sensors
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Ideal for characterizing air moving devices or measuring airflow in manufacturing processes Degree Controls multichannel airflow and temperature measurement systems are capable of simultaneously measuring, collecting, and analyzing data from multiple sensors. Multipoint instrumentation offers plug and play operation, saves on testing time, and provides maximum measurement flexibility. It allows engineering teams to increase productivity. […]

Recalibration, calibrate
April 25, 2024

Recalibration Plan

Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Is sensor recalibration in your 2024 budget? If you haven’t had your air velocity sensors recalibrated within the last 12 months, we encourage you to get that done as soon as your schedule permits. Accuracy is essential for reliable measurement data. Degree Controls will exercise the sensor across its entire performance range while performing a […]

Airflow instrumentation, hub
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Degree Controls has announced the all-new °C Rail, a multipoint airflow instrumentation system with slidable sensors. Addressing the need to satisfy different test setups, the °C Rail’s linear track system allows users to move spring-loaded sensors back and forth along a rail extrusion to change measurement locations. To increase data points, sensors can be added […]

Digital anemometer, filter test
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

The portable °C Point Anemometer makes it easy to measure airflow and transmit data. Powerful application software sends velocity and air temperature from the °C Point sensor to your Android/iPhone device through Bluetooth. Unlike a vane anemometer with an analog output, there is no wiring involved with the °C Point. You don’t need to be […]

Ceiling fan airflow
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Do you need an air velocity sensor to CFM test your ceiling fans? The UAS1000 OD (“omnidirectional”) air velocity and temperature sensor is purpose-built for CFM (cubic feet of airflow per minute) testing of ceiling fans. Optimized for circulating air and applications where the predominant flow vector is well known, the UAS1000 OD is calibrated […]

airflow monitoring for cleaner air
Posted By: Alex Sargent

The covid-19 pandemic has generated an increased interest in airflow and cleaning the air. Air cleaners, also referred to as air purifiers or sanitizers, use differing technologies including HEPA filtration, activated carbon filtration, ultraviolet (UV) germicidal irradiation, or multiple technologies such as filtration with UV disinfection. The ASHRAE Position Document on Filtration and Air Cleaning provides information on these […]

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