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°C Rail multipoint airflow measurement, coming soon
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

°C Rail multipoint airflow measurement instrumentation is ideal for users who will define different test layouts to measure air velocity and temperature in product and process control applications. The new °C Rail multipoint airflow measurement system has sliding sensors to accommodate different measurement locations, and it’s coming soon! A complete °C Rail system consists of […]

Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Do your airflow testing conditions require numerous measurement points? Do you need to accommodate different test layouts? With a °C SPAR rack system you can measure multiple points of air velocity, temperature, and humidity simultaneously. The multipoint airflow testing setup includes multiple sensor pole arrays which can be independently moved within a frame structure to […]

Airflow Sensor Grid gradient map
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

°C Grid Sensor Array Systems Measure, Map, and Record Up To 200 Points of Air Velocity and Temperature in Real Time Equipment performance depends on the airflow inside and around the machinery. For example, understanding airflow allows designers to enhance engine cooling systems and eco-efficient vehicle cooling modules. In industrial ovens and drying processes, optimizing […]

Posted By: Jan Fischer

Demands for increased comfort, concerns about interior air quality, and initiatives to reduce environmental impacts are affecting automotive HVAC system developments. New air modes, air purification, and eco-friendly automotive refrigerants are just some of the items under discussion. To quantify the performance of airflow systems in vehicles, from both the perspective of personal comfort and […]

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