Automobile Cabin Comfort Testing

February 26, 2021 | Posted By: Jan Fischer

Demands for increased comfort, concerns about interior air quality, and initiatives to reduce environmental impacts are affecting automotive HVAC system developments. New air modes, air purification, and eco-friendly automotive refrigerants are just some of the items under discussion. To quantify the performance of airflow systems in vehicles, from both the perspective of personal comfort and deployment efficiency of heated and cooled air, a grid array of multiple airflow sensors is required.

The °C Grid with datalogging software is ideal for automotive cabin comfort testing, measuring and recording air velocity and temperature at multiple points in real time.  Using the °C Grid, clients are able to design acceptability criteria for air velocity and temperature, while changing blower speeds, vent angles, or open vent configurations, in order to create performance-based test and measurement plans.  These tests can be saved and reused to baseline the performance of new or changed system designs and determine effects upon airflow and heat energy profiles.  Compared to single measurement approaches, multi-point measurement with °C Grid is more repeatable and saves considerable development time.

c grid performing automotive airflow testing

°C Grid sensor layout, sensor quantity, and frame are built to client specifications.  The profile can match a seat, dashboard, or span the width of a cabin.

Use the °C Grid airflow measurement and mapping solution to quantify your new automotive HVAC technologies and occupant comfort in vehicle cabins.

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