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Board mount air velocity sensors
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Do you want to see how the air is flowing through your building? According to the U.S. Department of Energy, HVAC systems are responsible for 44% of commercial building use.1 By placing Degree Controls board mount air velocity and temperature sensors throughout your facility, in areas where air flows, you can receive the measurement data […]

Remote head airflow sensor
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Constantly working to improve products and processes, organizations are deploying sensors to monitor air velocity and identify airflow issues before quality and efficiency are affected. For applications that present space or configuration challenges, Degree Controls’ remote head airflow sensors deliver measurement performance with the flexibility users need. F-Series remote head sensors are air velocity measurement […]

Airflow Sensors for Produce Storage
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Is maintaining the quality of your harvest important to you? In the commercial storage of fruits and vegetables, airflow is a key factor in extending shelf-life, maintaining freshness, and reducing waste. Airflow, and airflow sensing technology, are used to help keep temperature and relative humidity at the proper levels for storage facilities. The USDA Agricultural […]

Air velocity and temperature switch to monitor reflow oven airflow
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Reflow oven air velocity Reflow ovens are used for reflow soldering of surface mount electronic components to printed circuit boards (pcbs). Forced convection reflow ovens typically consist of multiple zones, individually regulated, to provide precise thermal profiles. Several heating zones may be followed by one or more cooling zones. Airflow has a significant impact on […]

f series sensors and sensor heads
Posted By: Alex Sargent

Embedded air velocity sensors by Degree Controls provide airflow solutions for demanding laboratory, HVAC and electronics applications. The F-Series platform of non-directional air velocity and temperature sensors is robust and provides users with powerful versatility. The high-performance F-Series platform: uses dual-sensing elements to measure air velocity and temperature simultaneously, is rugged with sealed construction and conformal coated electronics, […]

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