Better Pcb Solder Reflow Control with Airflow Monitoring

August 17, 2021 | Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.
Air velocity and temperature switch to monitor reflow oven airflow

Reflow oven air velocity

Reflow ovens are used for reflow soldering of surface mount electronic components to printed circuit boards (pcbs). Forced convection reflow ovens typically consist of multiple zones, individually regulated, to provide precise thermal profiles. Several heating zones may be followed by one or more cooling zones.

Airflow has a significant impact on the performance of convection reflow ovens. Air velocity & temperature switches and sensors from Degree Controls can be used to monitor and control airflow in, and around, reflow ovens to maximize overall equipment effectiveness. Switches monitor airflow and signal an alarm condition if air is not flowing where and when it should be, and at levels sufficient for proper machine operation and good process control. Sensors output measured values in real time. Controllers use these measured values to control equipment airflow, and deliver it exactly where it’s needed, and in the right amount.

Air velocity switches and sensors help ensure convection reflow ovens operate efficiently. Applications include:

  • Confirm that there is sufficient supply air
  • Monitor convection fans transferring heated air to inner chambers
  • Monitor blowers supplying cooling air to cooling zones
  • Verify that exhaust and venting airflows are at proper levels

DegreeC’s F-Series sensors and S-Series switches are designed with conformal coated sensing elements for environmental protection. A variety of configuration options including velocity ranges and choices for analog and/or digital outputs are available. We also offer switches with a field adjustable velocity trip point and probe style sensors with BACnet® MS/TP capability.

Embed our airflow sensors and switches within solder reflow oven equipment and processes to monitor the airflow critical to repeatable and reliable printed circuit board assembly.

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