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Airflow Switches and Sensors close up of sensor head from Degree Controls
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Not everyone uses Degree Controls sensors in the same way, and OEM applications often have unique requirements. To meet the needs of our customers, we provide configuration options for our airflow switches and sensors. You can select features like air velocity profile or trip point, supply voltage, analog output, digital communication, and mechanical length. In […]

UAS1000 EF air velocity sensor for telecom
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Do you need to optimize cooling for your telecom enclosure? Thermal analysis for electronic products is critical throughout the design process, however it can be time consuming to get a comprehensive understanding of thermal behavior. Choosing the right sensors and data acquisition system makes a positive impact on the amount of time and effort required […]

Board-mount air velocity sensors, package styles
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Do you need airflow sensors for your thermal load board? Electrical engineers and PCB designers use load boards with Degree Controls board-mount air velocity sensors to conduct thermal analysis and test cooling capability. F66x air velocity and temperature sensors are installed directly on the load board to monitor airflow, providing system developers with the empirical […]

PCB mount air velocity sensors from Degree Controls
Posted By: Degree Controls Inc.

Monitor Electronics Moving air is an effective option to keep electronics cool. When hardware issues such as fan failure occur within dense electronic systems and enclosures, overheating, component damage, unstable operation or even catastrophic failure may result. Airflow management using pcb mount air velocity sensors to provide real-time feedback can identify problem areas before damage […]

airflow testing in electronics
Posted By: Alex Sargent

Airflow Measurement in Electronics Board Mount Series Part 2: Airflow Measurement for Filter Clog Detection Note: Part 3 of our Board Mount Series – Load Card Testing with Airflow and Temperature Sensors explains how thermal load boards help to improve system performance and reduce development time of complex electronic assemblies.   Fan cooling is an efficient way to keep electronics […]

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